You are in the kitchen

Where to next?

A jar of innocuous looking herbs.

To check what this jar contains you can send it to the lab for analyses. To reveal the result collect the combined evidence numbers of the "Dog" and the "Hip Flask".

Dear Diary,

The most peculiar thing happened upon me today. I was watching dear Ruby, from afar, when I heard a loud knocking. To begin with I thought it may have been the casual labour the insurance company hired to rectify the wanton vandalism that occurred to Kilgrave Manor during my absence… but no! Instead, I find upon my doorstep the most peculiar creature. A woman dressed in black, cigar in hand and an automobile in tow. She declares herself to be a celebrated chef down from the smoke and looking to test her culinary skills on the good folk of the countryside. After checking her restaurant was indeed listed in the Gentlemans Guide to the London Lifestyle a deal was struck. And an oddity of a deal it was. Dear Diary, I have agreed to undertake that this woman – and in this case I use that word lightly – this woman will take on the role of cook and cleaner and stay at Kilgrave Manor free of charge – Gratis – on one condition. I don’t have to pay her a shilling so long as I agree to eat what she cooks for me. I hate the kitchen myself and rarely attend to anything grander than a poached egg so the arrival of this harpy is of great benefit to me… I hope.

Heavy silver candlestick holder. Perfect antique condition.

It is possible to check this evidence for fingerprints. Doing so may reveal who held it last. To reveal the lab result collect the combined evidence numbers of the "Film Review" and the "Coins".


If you have a question you would like to ask a suspect you can provide it using the following means:

  1. You can send your name and the question by test message to +44 (0) 7534 686602
  2. If you use WhatsApp you can send a video message or text note to us. Scan the QR code with your telephone camera or QR code reader for an instant connection:


All Suspect interrogations take place in the Dining Room.

20:00hrs: The Colonel

20:25hrs: Miss Whyte

20:50hrs: Ruby

21:15hrs: All Suspects